June 2017  
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Bro. O. C. Summers

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Praise be to God  for  Bro. O. C. Summers, our beloved pastor.   Bro. O. C. is a native of  Morrow, Louisiana  where he served for several decades in different  Baptist churches  as:  Minister of Music, Pulpit Supply, Interim Pastor, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Church Pianist, etc.  Bro. O. C. is married to  Rhoda Marson Summers  and they celebrated their 47th Wedding Anniversary on July 14th of this past year (2016).  Rhoda has been very active in the different churches serving as Sunday School Teacher, Music Director, WMU Director, etc.  They have one son, Jamie Dale (J. D.) Summers, who resides in Enterprise, Alabama with his beautiful wife, Tiffany.  He retired from the U.S. Army after serving active duty for about 20.5 years.  During the last 3.5 years of service, J. D. served as  "First Sergeant"  at  Ft. Rucker, Alabama  over all the men and women who were training to be helicopter pilots for the U. S. Army at that time.  Rhoda & O. C. also have 4 lovely grand-daughters, 1 precious great-grandson, Brantley  and  I beautiful great-granddaughter, Gretta

   Rhoda's parents,  Bro. Oliver Marson and Ms. Ellie Lee Marson,  served faithfully as missionaries, pastor/wife, etc., for over 45 years.  During that time, they served the Lord down in Louisiana, and over in Mississippi before answering the call to go to Alaska to serve God there.  Up there, Bro. Oliver served as pastor of three  Southern Baptist churches, those being located in Juneau, AK, Fort Yukon, AK, and then the First Baptist Church of Fairbanks, AK  during which time he also served as  President of the Alaskian Baptist Convention  for 2 terms.  Then  Bro. Oliver and Ms. Ellie Lee felt the Lord leading them back down to "the lower 48" where they accepted the position of pastor and wife of the First Baptist Church of Poplar, Montana.  His last position of service for the Lord was as  "Director Of Missions" for the Southern Baptist Convention  here in South Dakota with an office on St. Joseph Street here in Rapid City, SD  prior to his being taken home to Heaven.  Bro. O. C.'s parents, Charles C. Summers & Maggie Sibley Summers, were active in their church, Morrow Baptist Church, for over 60 years.   

   We thank  God  for sending  Bro. O. C. and Ms. Rhoda  to us, and we hope and pray that we can continue to know  God's Will  as our church continues to reach out to the many folks in our community and elsewhere.  Again, all praise for everything accomplished definitely goes directly to  Almighty God!!!   Thank You,  Jesus!!!