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 Rapid Valley Baptist Church

3450 School Drive

Rapid City, SD 57703


Wedding and Reception Policy and Fees (adopted December 5, 2007)


  1. There will be NO smoking or alcohol allowed in or on the church property.


  1. The church building and grounds must be vacated no later than 9:00 P.M.


  1. The throwing of rice is not permitted in the church building or on the church grounds.  The throwing of birdseed or bubbles is allowed only outside of the church building.


  1. The wedding/reception party will be responsible for the setting up and removal of all decorations.  No church food or supplies are to be used without the consent of the pastor or social committee chairman.


  1. A fee of $100 will be required for the use of the sanctuary.  A fee of $100 will be required for the use of the fellowship hall.  These fees are for non-members of Rapid Valley Baptist Church.  These fees are waived for members.  These fees do NOT include honorariums for the pastor, sound technician, or musicians.  


  1.   The suggested honorariums are as follows: (members should also give these)


Pastor            - $150

Pianist or keyboardist            - $100

Sound technician - $50 (required for usage of RVBC sound system)

Other musicians (soloists) - $50


  1. A cleaning and maintenance fee of $100 is required of both members and non-members.  This fee includes the following to be done by our custodial or social staff:

Locking and unlocking of facilities

Clearing of pulpit/stage area and placing it back

Cleaning of facilities

Cleaning sidewalk

Providing necessary supplies (punch bowl and coffee pot) for use of wedding/reception party


  1. A $200 deposit is required at the time the wedding/reception date is set.  This will hold your wedding/reception date on the church calendar.  The $200 will be returned within 2 weeks after the wedding/reception date if there are no damages to be deducted from it.  If the $200 deposit is given in the form of a check, it will be cashed.  In the event wedding/reception is canceled, the deposit will be refunded in full if cancellation is at least 7 days in advance of wedding/reception date.   No refund will be given of the deposit if cancellation is less than 7 days from wedding/reception date.  This deposit is not required of members.
  2. Payment of the wedding/reception fees is to be given to the pastor no later than one month before the wedding/reception day.    Payment may also be made by mailing to the church address. Honorariums should be paid on the day of the wedding prior to the start of the wedding.


  1.  No weddings will be allowed on Sundays.


  1.  All music used in wedding must be approved by the pastor no later than 1 week before wedding ceremony.


  1. The pastor reserves the right to modify these guidelines at his discretion.


  1. Wedding ceremonies will be performed by the pastor of Rapid Valley Baptist Church.  Any exceptions to this must be approved by the pastor.



I understand these guidelines, and will abide by them, and will ask others involved in wedding/reception to abide by them





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